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And Itunes. Bandcamp. Youtube. Where ever. The 26th in Hoorn Manifesto together with the Electric Tears and the Check 1-2.


Promo for our new release "Celebrate Confusion"

More shows

This year we will be performing at the Incubate festival on the September 20, keep an eye on the schedule (acoustic show). - Entrance: Incubate daypass or pass-patout.
25th of October - release show @ the Little Devil with the Electric Tears - Entrance: 5 euro
1st of November - Bruine Pij (breda) with Monokuro

In the meanwhile

2014-2015 We played a couple of shows in the Netherlands & Belgium. We finished our fourth release "Celebrate Confusion" some time ago & haven been working on our release. A lot of planning has gone into this one.
Our release show will be on the 25th of October at the Little Devil. We will be joined by the Electric Tears from Hoorn(NL) (a band on the Excelsior label.) Really looking forward to this....

The name of our fourth release...

I'm really glad to inform you that next week Steve will join Patrick in mixing the last bit of our fourth release. We know it has been a long time since our last release but we hope you will appreciate the time, effort, sweat, money we put into the making of this baby. The title of this L.P. will be "Celebrate Confusion".
A salute  to chaos. 

Interview in Brabants Dagblad

Interview door Karlijn Houterman hier...

Luifabriek goes 52X (the experiment)

Read about the experiment here (in English)

3voor12 Tilburg - The 52X interview

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News flash

Sorry for the lack of updates, twitter and facebook seem to be taking much of our time :)
Without further ado: we have a new bass player: Ruut van Andel. We have been working really hard lately, to get in shape, To perform that is. Watch out for coming gigs in the near future. The new record is halfway. We are rehearsing our asses off on some new tunes. Which are awesome, if I say so myself.